Ori Hay

Ori Hay

נורית אגמי

I had the pleasure of using Nurit's assistance on a career crossroad. Although I consider myself as having good industry experience and knowledge, I was amazed by the understanding Nurit holds of the Hi Tech industry in general and Medical sector in specific.

Nurit helped me:
* define my desires and expectations from my next job, what positions should I look for that would fit my capabilities and desires.

* understand the expected career map for each possible path I may choose, which has more opportunities, what could be the expected next steps etc.

* give specific advice regarding the particular offers I have in terms of what are the pros and cons in terms of the technology and technical skill, position, company, and field of work.

* receive insights into the specific companies cultures, which is of great importance for me to my choice

* know my value (in terms of salary) per possible position, and reach my full potential when choosing the path,

* negotiate to achieve my full potential

Thank you, it was really a pleasure, and I'm sure we shall meet again along the way.
Hope you will reach your full potential helping others as you did with me.

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